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How to have a correct preview on iPhone 5?


Hi, I want to give an iPhone5 in the hands of my customers for them to test the mockup.
Is there an ideal canvas size, format or anything I could do to, when I export, it would perfectly fit the screen in the iPhone5?
I’m having problems because the different pages of the pdfs I’m exporting are not fitting well. sometimes cutting shapes, sometimes the same shape appears big in one page and small in aonther one, etc.
Thank you very much!


Hi @fernandoteixeira,

Thanks for getting in touch about this!

You can actually achieve this by using the iPhone control which has an iPhone 5 size in the property inspector, as show below:

We made a similar article for iPad Wireframes that you can easily adapt to the iPhone, you will simply need to replace the first step by “Add the iPhone Control” and change the size of the rectangle accordingly in Step 2.

Here is the related page:

Hope this helps! We’re here if you need any further assistance with this, @fernandoteixeira.