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How to import .bmml file in v4.2.4?

In v3.5, there was a button called “Import Symbol Library from file” on the Symbol page. I can’t find the button the new version. I tried to drag and drop the .bmml file, but it went to the Asset page. The assets don’t work as Symbol. My current solution is to open the original .bmpr file, and drag/drop all the artboards to Symbol. Is there a better way to import the Symbol Library in v4.2.4?

Sorry for the trouble with this, @stephkuo.

We didn’t include the .bmml conversion code in Balsamiq Wireframes (as it’s 6+ years old, now) - that’s why you’re not seeing the option.

If you still have 3.5 installed, you can use that to convert the file, or you can send us the BMML, and we can convert it for you.

I’m sorry again for any frustration this caused you. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help. :slight_smile:

I do have the original .bmpr file. Thanks for the reply and help!

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