How to increase the size of the workspace?


Friends, Hello!
I can not find a way - how to increase the size of the workspace, please tell me if there is such possib



Hi Nico

The current canvas size is limited by using Adobe Air. The next major version will not use Adobe Air (and will be native), so the canvas theoretically could be bigger then.

Some designers use a Shape (Rectangle Breakline) to show continuation as a workaround.


Thanks,@ryan, you nailed it.

Sorry about the 4056x4056 limitation, @NicoGallos. Our native (non-Adobe Air) apps will be able to go bigger. More news on those soon :).


Hi, is it updated already? Still can’t have longer workspace. :frowning:


Hi @cvakator and thanks for checking on this one.

I assume that you’re using our Desktop version, correct?

We launched our new web version, Balsamiq Cloud, a few months ago and it allows for a larger canvas (10000x10000 pixels), as mentioned here.

We’re already working on porting our new native editor to the Desktop and hope to have a new major version ready this year!

Sorry for the hassle in the meantime but we’re working on improving it!

Anything else, we’re here. :slight_smile: