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How to link button to next wireframe

maybe it is a question of language, but I have difficulty finding the solution for the following. ( i’m faily new to Balsamiq: about 3 hours…)

say I have a wireframe for an APP Installation. it has 2 buttons,

  1. Install
    In prototyping , I would like that when I click install a wireframe “Install” appears.

I know it is pretty basic, but… baby steps…, baby steps… :wink:


Hi @JFM and welcome to the forums!

The easiest way to think about linking is that you need a ‘before’ wireframe and and ‘after’ wireframe and you link to the '‘after’ wireframe from the ‘before’ wireframe.

We’re a low-fidelity wireframing tool (as opposed to say a more complex prototyping tool) so we do offer interaction but it’s (deliberately) limited.

So, in your case your before wireframe would be the screen with the “Install” and “Cancel” buttons on it and the after wireframe would be a second wireframe with your install screen on it. If you create the install screen wireframe first, you’ll be able to link to it in the properties for the button like so:

Once you’ve set the link target in the properties, when you view your project in Full Screen Presentation Mode clicking the “Install” button will take you to your Install wireframe.

I’ve attached the project I used to create these screenshots to this message so you can take a look at how I did it.

JFM.bmpr (72 KB)


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