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How to make arrow-like rectangle in balsamiq cloud?

I’m new to balsamiq. evaluating the cloud version at the moment.

How to you create such arrow-like rectangle in balsamiq?

The user has to go through a 1-2-3 step in his/her task, and i want to visually indicate where in the process the person is.

my concern is that since i cannot find in the list of controls even though I find it to be very basic thing + balsamiq has been around for a while… my conclusion is since nobody use it for mockup UI, it’s probably a bad idea to use in my own UI idea…

am i mistaken ?

Hey @fourchette.

Just because we don’t have a control doesn’t mean it’s not the right control for the job. We try to include the most common, but we can’t include everything. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to use things outside of our built in control set.

With that said, you have a couple of options here.

You could import the images of those arrows if you like their shape. That’s probably the easiest way.

Otherwise, you could use the Pointy Button (iOS) control in our app to achieve a similar look.

Let me know if that helps, my friend.

good idea.

unfortunately, you can’t change the height of the control and i got two lines of text in the first section, so it’s a bit ugly.


I guess i’ll find something else.

at least i know, it’s not me the idiot who fails to find a given control :smiley:

Ahh, yeah, they are fixed height. Sorry about that, my friend.

If nothing else, you can use those images from your first post. Not the best solution, but maybe good enough for a low-fidelity wireframe. :slight_smile: