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How to make wireframes in RTL?

I need to type in RTL in Balsamiq.
how can i do it?


Hey @MortezaShayegh,

Both our desktop and cloud app should respect the language setting that your OS is set to. You may see some weirdness (like the curser showing up on the wrong side), but the text should be right-to-left.

There are a couple of controls that don’t respect right-to-left (like the Combobox), but you shouldn’t hit many of those.

Let me know if that answers your question, my friend. Also, if you see any bugs with it, please let me know about those as well.

My OS is in English, But when i change my keyboard to RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Persian, things like bullet points or list or even having numbers at the first of our title or sentences is messed up :frowning:

Are you using macOS or Windows, @MortezaShayegh?

Seems like we may have to do some more testing.

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Thanks for helping us design better RTL wireframes.

I’m using Windows.

Yup, I see it now @MortezaShayegh. The text respects the RTL setting, but our icons don’t.

Let me chat with the team and see if we can get this fixed.

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