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How To PDF Page Setup Margins Upon Shrink-to-Fit?


How do I control the Page Setup to set the margins for printing/pdf export?

"Each sheet must include a top margin of at least 2.5 cm. (1 inch), a left size margin of at least 2.5 cm. (1 inch), a right size margin of at least 1.5 cm. (5/8 inch), and a bottom margin of at least 1.0 cm. (3/8 inch). The size of the sheets on which drawings are made must be either 21.0 cm. by 29.7 cm. (DIN size A4) or 21.6 cm. by 27.9 cm. (8-1/2 by 11 inches); "

I’m really excited about using Balsamiq for UI mockups.

As somewhat of a newbie, I created wireframes but found the edges of the wireframe got cut off. I tried reducing the size of my wireframe. It is clear that the software has the capability to fit to arbitrary sizes of paper. But, I’m not sure what is the correspondence the squares/rectangles on the screen and the size of my letter paper 8.5"x11". Please let me know how I can control my margins.

Thank you.


Hey @SingingTorah

I’m sorry that the PDF export is giving you issues.

Are you having this issue when using the “Shrink to fit a page” option in the export screen?

Let me know and we can investigate it further! :smile:


Thank you for responding to my post and beginning to assist me. I appreciate the warm community.

My challenge is that the margins upon shrink-to-fit are not the margins that I need.

If I change to a smaller page size, the image is too small to be easily legible.

Please let me know how I can specify the above margins (in my original question).


Ahh, that makes more sense, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.

Unfortunately, there is no way to use specific margins, but maybe we can figure out a way to make it work for your needs.

You could export the PDF with the “Optimize for viewing on-screen” to get a full sized PDF, and then print the exported PDF from a program that lets you control the margins. My only worry with that is image quality, but it may be worth a shot!

Let me know if that works for you, @SingingTorah


I appreciate the idea of looking at adobe acrobat pro to resize the pages with respect to the margins, however, I do not currently have that software.

I noticed little boxes and grid-lines in the mockup itself.

If I’m not shrinking it, i.e. “optimize for viewing on screen,” then what is the correspondence, if any, between those grid boxes and the margins that I seek?

It is useful to place an object like a “.” far off in the margin in each direction, so that balsamiq will keep my drawing within my desired boundaries.

I would rather use one program, if possible, i.e. balsamiq.


Not sure if it will help, but when I make wireframes I have a base layer with the header and footer of my “page” on it. (Mainly for metadata when I export). As long as I draw within that, my pages fit nicely when I export to PDF and can be printed on letter or tabloid as needed.

It may take some tweaking to find dimensions that give you the exact margins that you are looking for. But once you do you can apply the symbol and lock in on the page even if the stencil is just little dots or something.

My background layer is weirdly enough 1603 x 1027 … that might be a place to start, although it’s probably not the right size to give you the margins you want.


Thanks for the assist @RaeHanley, that’s a really good work around. A little guess and test may help you find the margins you need, @SingingTorah!

I’m also going to add the ability to use custom margins to our feature request tracker, and the team will talk about it. If other folks would also like this feature, post a comment (or Like the first post in the thread) and I will add it to the tracker.

Thanks for the input; it’s always helpful to see expectations and needs of folks. Helps us make the app better (so keep 'em coming! :smile:)