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How to remove all links from a mockup?


I created many links throughout my mockup, and I want to copy and paste the mockup without any links.

Is there a way to remove all links inside of a mockup?

Suggestion: Remove links via right click

Hi @vleango,

Thanks for reaching out!

The only way to remove links from a mockups is to do it manually for each one of them.

Sorry I don’t have a better/quicker way to offer but if you need help with this, I’ll be happy to give a hand.
Feel free to send me your BMPR file to if needed! :smile:


Thank you for the reply.

I can take care of the mocks on my own.
I hope to see this feature in future versions.



Can you guys please get this done soon? :smiley: it’ll save a LOT of time. We now have to manually go click click click to get each one undone.!