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How to rename symbol library in My Balsamiq


Is it possible to rename a symbol library in My Balsamiq?

If not is there a workaround? I tried copying symbols into a new library but this lost the associations.


I’m sorry @mocamoc, but there isn’t a way to rename a symbol library in myBalsamiq right now.

It is a feature that is coming when we update myBalsamiq this year.

I’m really sorry that I don’t have a good solution for you right now, but we know it’s a pain point, and we will be fixing it. :slight_smile:


Nothing new after 9 month?

May you at least propose a workaround?
ex: procedure to clone the symbol and save with another one. Eventually, delete the former one.

#4 launched a few weeks ago, may you have a look at the new tool?!


Hey @rtone,

I’m sorry that we don’t have a solution for this in myBalsamiq. There were a lot of implementation hurdles that we would have had to jump through to make it work.

But, as @heringsfilet mentioned, this is a feature of our new Balsamiq Cloud app. Why don’t you give that a spin and see if you like it? You can move your myBalsamiq projects over using these steps.

I’m sorry again that this feature didn’t come to myBalsamiq, @rtone. But, if you give Balsamiq Cloud a spin, I bet you will like it as much if not better than myBalsamiq. :slight_smile: