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How to restrict project download (BMPR, PDF)?


How could one ensure that the users with access to a Balsamiq project are unable to download project BMPR and PDF? Granting “View and Comment” access does not solve this concern.

Kindly advise.


Hi @shubham1985,

You can achieve this by enabling the Allow Public Reviews option and sharing the created link.

Folks will be able to review and comment on the project without being able to download it.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Virgin, thanks for your response. However it does not seem to work.

The link does not change if you check / uncheck the “Allow Public Review” option. When checked, the user is able to download the project BMPR, PDF etc, even without creating an account.

Please advise where am I going wrong.


Sorry for the confusion, @shubham1985.

I’ve just checked and it works as expected on my end.

Could it be that the folks you shared the link with are already project members?

Don’t hesitate to reach out via if you want to share some specific account details so that we can look into it.

Hi @Virgin , email sent. Awaiting your response, Thanks.

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