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How to revert modified Symbol?


I’ve got a symbol that consists of a web page, title bar, and navigation tree. In one of my wireframes the title bar got overridden by a local change. Is there some way to undo that override and revert to the baseline symbol? I don’t want to delete and reapply the symbol, since I’ve made numerous other changes that I want to keep. Only a single element of the symbol should revert.



Hi @pixelpshr,

Thanks for the post. Sorry this isn’t clearer but what you are trying to do is possible!

To remove a single property change and revert to a Symbol’s default property, click the little green “x” icon in the Property Inspector:


You can also revert all changes you made to a Symbol’s instance at once, via the “x” icon in the Property Inspector you see when selecting the whole symbol:


Try that out and get back to me with any questions?

All the best for now,



Ah! Excellent! That worked perfectly. Thanks!