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How to see objects imported from



I have downloaded BMPR files from website.
Then, I have imported files by using project>import>assets and I can see the files but not the objects in it.

I am using balsamiq 3 desktop version of 3.5.15.
Can you guide me on how I can see and use materials in my mockups downloaded from as BMPR file?

Thank you very much.


Hey Emrah,

This is something that we really need to explain better, and I’m very sorry for any confusion we have caused you.

If you want to use the control in a new project, you can actually just open the project you downloaded from, and start working in that. All Wireframes to Go .bmpr files are empty except for that one control.

If you want to add it to an existing project, just follow these steps:

  1. Open both the project you’re working on and the Wireframes to Go Project and put side by side.
  2. In each, go to View > Symbols
  3. In the Wireframes to Go project, you should see a symbol named after the control you wanted to add to your project. You can simply drag that symbol into your current project, and that will add it.

Here is a gif demonstrating that:

Once you have dragged the symbol into your project, it will be searchable, and show up in the UI library under Symbols.

I’m sorry again for not having better documentation for this. I will remedy that ASAP. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Brendan.
I wish I write the post earlier. :slight_smile:


I’m going to update the documentation today or Monday with better information. I’m sorry again for any frustration we have caused you, my friend.


I’m going to update the documentation today or Monday with better information. I’m sorry again for any frustration we have caused you, my friend.

I’m still confused, even after reading your guidance twice Brendan. I’m running 3.5.14 on desktop under Win 7 Pro SP1. I’ve downloaded and copied the Sharepoint Elements file @ into my Balsamiq project folders, and I’ve attempted to import the symbols into my current SP design project (in a separate folder from the WTG content) to no avail. The symbols have copied successfully from my “Sharepoint Elements.bmpr” Symbols view into the Symbols view for my project, and the project shows an “Importing Sharpoint Elements” progress bar which completes without errors.

However, when I’m in the project file, and click into Symbols there’s nothing there. When I click on All there’s nothing there. When I search for “Announcements” (which is one of the elements from the WTG file), there’s only a bullhorn there.

What am I doing wrong? :confused:



Hi Allan,

Thanks for the post and apologies you’re having an issue here. Let’s get you working properly!

First thing, can you take a moment to update your Mockups 3 for Desktop to the latest version - I just ran through the process using 3.5.15 and it’s working correctly for me so let’s make sure you’re on the latest version:

Just install from that download and your license, wireframes etc. will all be preserved.

After that, can you run through the process described in Brendan’s earlier message (also here: Wireframes to Go - How to Use It from the Web) and let me know if you continue to have the problem? If so, let’s set up a screen-sharing session and I can walk through this remotely with you to figure out where the process is breaking down - it should only take 5 or 10 minutes, ok? I’ll be standing by.


Thank you @alasdair: I think that I had imported two instances of the Sharepoint symbols, so after deleting both and doing a single re-import, they’re working fine. I’ll work on the upgrade later. Thanks! :smiley: