How to share a presentation


I’m expecting to find a way to share a private URL to others, which immediately puts them into presentation mode. So far I have found a public link but it puts them into a more free-form mode, which I then have to guide them to hit the little present button.

Is there some way I can share a link that directly puts the project into interactive presentation mode?


There isn’t a way to do this yet, @Andrew_Blakey, but it is on our radar for things to do soon. I’ll give the story a nudge, and let folks know you’re looking for it.

In the meantime, maybe sending your collaborators an exported PDF would work? Exported PDFs respect the linking functionality of our full screen viewer, so they should be able to do some user testing on them. It’s not a perfect alternative, but I’m hoping it helps until the new full screen mode is ready. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you bumping this story.

Sending a PDF is an option that I’m playing with.

My feedback with PDFs would be that it runs into a few rough edges. If the PDF is uploaded to Slack and clicked on, it opens in Slack and doesn’t have any of the interactivity. That leaves me to have to more carefully guide my audience in how they consume the thing I’m sharing, usually telling them not to open it in Slack, where I just pasted it.

If it’s opened in a normal PDF viewer, it can appear a bit daunting, because you’re seeing all the slides in a column (because it’s a PDF, of course). The interactivity is nice but it’s not as curated as I’d like.

I ended up just resorting to recording myself walking and talking through the interactive mode and posting that video to Slack/email. But then my audience can’t explore on their own.



Hrm, I wonder why the links don’t work in Slack. Their PDF viewer may not support them. I’m sorry about that, Andrew.

The new full screen viewer is on our list of things we’d like to get done this year, so hopefully this won’t be an issue for much longer.