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How to turn off auto save



How can I turn off the auto save feature in Balsamiq?



Hey @coldduck!

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch :smile:

Right now, we don’t offer the ability to turn off auto-save, but we are working on features to make it better. You can join the discussion here:


IMHO, turning off auto-save should have high priority. Many’s the time I take time fleshing out a design, only to realize it doesn’t reflect changes that work – but I can’t go back to the original because what I’ve just done has been automatically saved. The only way I can work in a way that embodies my style is to start with a ‘Save As’. That way I have an ‘original’ I can go back to. However (being an enthusiastic wireframer!), too often I forget to do that!
Please – can turning off Auto-save be on Balsamiq’s priority radar?


It’s definitely been an ongoing discussion, @Dave. We are hard at work on a Snapshot feature that may help alleviate your pain with autosave.

We want to get snapshots out, let everyone play around with them, and then we will see what happens.

The discussion is ongoing, and we are reading everyone’s input. :+1:


Thanks for the update.
I would have thought allowing manual saves and allowing users to control the engagement of auto-save would be a pretty simple matter – but perhaps not.


Hi Brendan,
All the 4 users of my team have the same problem. It’s really worse with the use of Creative Cloud.
Could you please fix that



Ja, autosave also bit me…

Had some anomaly in the UI. Undo didn’t work and there was no earlier version to revert back to… lost a whole lot of mockup work.

Not nice. PLEASE, PLEASE fix this.


Hi @ladidida,

So sorry for the trouble with this! Are you running a recent version of our tool?

Just a thought: we recently added a new backup system for all projects locally to an internal folder (starting with version 3.2.1). Here is the way to access the local store folder where these backups stay. A recent version might include the elements you are looking for.

After discussing it for a while, we are working on an option to disable the auto-save feature.
We’ll let you guys know when we release it, stay tuned!


Thanks Virgin. Unfortunately I was on 3.1.xx when this happened… :disappointed: I’ve upgraded since and now see the backups in Local Store - which helps a lot already for immediate disaster recovery.

Would be nice if the app told us when new upgrades are available.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry again for the trouble, Louis. In case you have any PNG or PDF export, we would be happy to help to recreate the mockup(s) by hand if you’d like. Just let us know.

We have plans to improve the updating process once we go native (which is our main focus right now), and I’ve added your vote for an automatic notification of new updates.

We’re here to help if you need anything else!


Could the alternate versions feature alleviate some of the pain you are feeling with this?


Just discovered a major unintended problem with your AutoSave. Our file management software auto versions files upon save. Basalmiq is generating THOUSANDS of extremely large files as it saves on every little change that occurs during edits. This is chewing up our file/backup storage. I’ve never seen software where AutoSave is mandatory. This needs to prioritized and fixed asap.


Sorry about that @XRiver.

We should have a beta with the ability to disable autosave soon. We will give you the heads up as soon as that’s available.


Hey Friends, we have a manual saving beta ready for testing. :smiley:

More details here!


Let us know when you have a stable release. Not being able to turn off auto-save is far worse than not having auto-save at all.


Sorry about that, @pablocruz23.

Mockups 3.4.1 was released a couple of weeks ago, and it contains the ability to disable autosave. You can grab it here:

Let us know if you run into any issues! Sorry again for any trouble.


Fantastic!! I’ve download it and will report if there are any issues. Thanks, Brandan.