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How to units in Balsamic relate to DIPs?


How do unit values in Balsamic relate to Device Independent Pixels? Are text measurements expressed in the same units as everything else?


Hi, @ColoradoUX. Balsamiq Mockups is meant for making low resolution concept sketches, or low fidelity wireframes. As with wireframes in general, the output isn’t meant to convey visual design, and go even that step further to represent actual dimensions and rendering at high resolution. Additionally, you wouldn’t be exporting code that will be rendered in a browser or other native application. So DIP units wouldn’t matter in that sense.

Mockups’ values for text and all dimensions in the Size property refer to pixels. If you are attempting to output your wireframes for rendering in a prototype, just know that the sizes refer to pixels, and your output is exported in pixels, if that matters for your use of exported PNG and PDF.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you’re using the Mockups in a different way that I’m not understanding.