How to use own css stylesheets for UI elements?



would it be possible to get the Balsamiq UI elements based on css styles ?

If yes, how ? Or any workaround for it ?




There isn’t a way to style our controls via CSS right now, @michel7777. This is because we are geared more towards roughed wireframes than styled prototypes.

What you could do is style something in CSS, take a screenshot of it, and then import that image into our app. I’m not sure that is the greatest workaround, but maybe it will work in a pinch?


Brendan, thanks for your fast response. Yes I was afraid, that there is no way for it. Yes, your suggestion a workaround with limitation.

BTW: I tried open the .swf files with Flash, but it didn’t work. Is it a Flash file at all ?




Hrm, what .swf file, @michel7777?

Mockups 3 for Desktop is built on top of Adobe Flex (the framework that is used for Flash on the web), but it doesn’t have any swf files that I am aware of.



Ahh, sorry, you’re right michel. I forgot that they come packaged as swf files.

They are built with the same framework as a flash file, but I don’t think they will open in Flash. (Adobe Flex is a little weird).

Sorry about my confusion with that, my friend.


No problem, the question was clarified. Thanks for your time, you can close the issue.