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Huge PDF Export Size

An export of 94 wirefames was 4.2MB in size before the December 2020 update (Windows 10, v4.1.12). After the update the same export is now 44MB, even worse, only a subset of 12 wireframes is now 9.3MB.

This change makes it hard to send wireframes via E-Mail.

I noticed there was a quality inprovement in the December update. Is there an option to reduce the quality to the previous level?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @andividuell and sorry for the hassle.

Our dev team was able to identify and solve this issue. The fix will be included in our next version, planned for February.

If you need to have PDFs that are smaller in size in the meantime, would it be ok to use our previous version (4.1.10)?
You can grab it from this page.

Thanks for your report, we’ll be here if you need anything else.

Thanks for the quick response! I’m looking forward to the new release :grinning:

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