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I am not able to create a link with text markup. Link not populating in property inspector


I am trying to create a linked combo box so that each of the options will go to a different screen. I am using the link format, and the link formatting is on the text. But the link is not actually created, and it does not appear in my property inspector.

Anyone know how to fix this? I’m new to the program, so it could be something very simple that I’m just missing.


Hi @Bennett_Garland,

Thanks for the post and sorry this isn’t more intuitive…

The ‘Combo Box’ control only supports a single target. It should support multiple targets but, alas, it currently does not. Yours is not the first request for this improvement so I’ve added your vote in support to our tracking.

In the meantime, you could work around this in a couple of ways:

  1. Use a ‘Combo Box’ control to get the look you want with a ‘Text Area’ control below it containing the links you need.

  2. Overlay each ‘Combo Box’ item with a transparent rectangle (Opacity set to 0%) which has the link.

I prefer the second approach as the link icons can appear at the right edge of the rectangle for a neater appearance.

I’ve attached a BMPR project file to this message with examples of both approaches.

All the best for now.

ComboBox.bmpr (55 KB)


Thanks for the assistance.

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