I am unable to open the project

i cant open my project. I have completed most of my project. Please help. Am worries. I cant go through it once again.

What version do you use? Mockups for Desktop? myBalsamiq? cloud? any plugin? Did you get any error message when trying to open the project?

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Hi @anusha161984 and sorry for the trouble with this project.

I’ve just replied to your email but I’m posting it here too in case that’s easier for you:

Are you using a recent version of Mockups 3 for Desktop?

We added a backup system (in version 3.2.1) for all projects locally to an internal folder. Can you please check in your local store folder for these backups?

The folder is called LocalProject, as detailed here.

If you can’t locate a working version of your file, could you please send us your BMPR file so that we can try to fix it here? We will keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Sorry again for the trouble. Please let us know if you’re using a different version, we’ll do our best to help!

Hi Team,

Thanks I was able to recover.


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Hello Team,

I lost everything , all my project again. I tried to replace the file and
it was trying to save and took a long time. So i went to task manage rand
cancelled the process.

How can i recover my file now. I lost most of the work and i do not see
anything now.

Is there any way please?


Ugh, I’m sorry @anusha161984. Was there any type of error message, or did you open the app to find that your project wasn’t there?

Are you saving to a networked drive or folder? If there is nothing in the backup folder, and you were saving to a networked drive, we may be able to recover the file that way.

Thanks Brendan. I think we have time difference so could not get help that
moment. It was tough, but i had to redo it completely.

I did search recent project. I was unable to open.

In that case could you please type in the instructions please? In case i
get trouble i can follow the instructions to recover the document.


Cannot apologize enough, Anusha.

Are you saving to a drive like Dropbox or Google Drive? If so, I can give you the steps for recovering a file from there. You may also want to turn off autosave to prevent any syncing conflicts.

Let me know and I will get you all the information we have.