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I cannot shout down my Balsamiq


Hello Guys,
I cannot shut down balsamiq. I even was trying to shut down Imac i just cannot quit.
Please advise.


Ack @Avetis, I’m sorry about that!

If you go up to the Apple icon in the upper left hand of your screen, you should see “Force Quit” as one of the menu options.

Clicking on that will bring up this menu:

Select Balsamiq Mockups 3 and then click on the “Force Quit” button. After a few moments, Mockups 3 should quit.

This is not the way we want you to have to quit Mockups, so let’s figure out what is going on! Would you mind shooting us an email at so that we can troubleshoot this?

I’m sorry again for any hassle this has caused you, but we will figure out what is up!


Hello! Was this resolved? I’m having a similar issue (BD 3.3.11 on OSX El Cap). My experience is this:

  • Trying to quit, either using the menu or ⌘Q, doesn’t appear to do anything. Balsamiq keeps running and I can keep editing the document. I can hit ⌘Q as much as I want and nothing happens.

  • Trying to close the project (⌘W), the first time, causes it to go through the process of generating thumbnails, after which nothing happens. The project is still open and editable.

  • Trying to close the project, for a second time, causes the issue the OP on this thread describes. However, the menus all still work, and I can go into and out of presentation mode to get rid of the stuck ‘modal’ dialogue. At that point the app is usable again and I can keep editing.

So, pretty odd all-in-all. Let me know how I can help debug this.



Ugh, I’m sorry about that @stewartmurrie, I thought we squashed this one.

Does this happen with all projects, or just a specific one?

When you get a moment, shoot me us an email at, and we can dig into this in earnest.

Sorry it’s still bugging you - we will get it fixed!


I’ve only seen it in one project, and it doesn’t happen all the time. But I’ve seen it with the same project on two different machines.

Email sent.


Hello - I was also having this issue on 3.3.6. I installed 3.3.12 and the issue seems to have gone away… but I’ve only been working with 3.3.12 for a few days… I should mention I’m using Win7, not a mac.