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I cann't save my mockups!


I cann’t save my mockups! It’s running is 1 hour! What’s wrong?

is anybody here???


Same with me … I am waiting now nearly 1 hour and only see the spinner …


i’m very angry… my client is waiting…


Hi friends,

So sorry for the snag. :pensive:

We are having a technical issue with rendering the mockups in myBalsamiq right now and we’ll do our best to fix it ASAP.

We’ll keep you all in the loop.

@webtoma I’m reaching out to you via email so we can find a workaround for you in the meantime, sorry again.


Thanks for the reply.

I have this issue too and I am running user tests in a few days.
Do you know when this issue will be resolved? Is there an ETA?



Sorry for the trouble, @efares. No ETA for it yet but our dev team is looking into it. We’ll make sure to share any update on the issue, as soon as we make progress.

Thank you all for bearing with us while we work on fixing it.


Thanks and good luck!


It looks like we are out of the woods on this one, friends. Your mockups should start appearing (if they haven’t already).

Please let me know if you continue to see issues. Really sorry again for all the trouble.



I first tried demo version and thought that it was because demo I couldn’t save and rename mockups. Now i just purchased this, and same problem exists still.

Could you please give me advice how to continue. It doesn’t make any sense to do these, if I can’t make this app to save my work.


I’m really sorry about the trouble @MimaAnna. Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, would you mind shooting me an email? It may be easier to troubleshoot that way.

We will do everything we can to get it sorted!


I’m unable to save my file, export to PDF, or PNG. I have updated to the most recent release of balsamiq. All my work over the past 6 hours is stuck and I can’t share it with my product team. Please help!


My colleague is experiencing the same issue…


Hey @zfowler

I got back to you via email, but let me know if you don’t receive it. This has been an issue with a lot of GE based folks, and we would love to get to the bottom of it!


Thanks for the quick response @Brendan. I’ll try and find out what horrible thing GE is doing to us designers here :slight_smile: