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I can't apply colors to selected text


Hello There!
I’m trying to change the color of my existing text (subtitle) from black into grey like #cccccc, but every time I apply the color from the color swatches, the text is not updating. Why is that? I can however add the following.

Text color change to {color:#cccccc}this text{color}, but I guess it’s for a text paragraph wherein I only need to color a specific text blocks like how Span works in css. My goal is apply color swatches into the entire text block from red to black, black to pink, etc.



Hi @Abinash_Mohanty,

Sounds like you’ve hit the bug we introduced in version 3.5.11. We’ve already fixed it in version 3.5.13 that you can grab on this page.

Sorry for the snag and please let us know if you need anything else!


cool @Virgin I’ll update.


I think Balsamiq desktop app should notify users whenever it releases a new version. What do you think @Virgin ?


Definitely, @Abinash_Mohanty. Auto-update is something we are working on. :slight_smile: