I can't cut and paste from one page to another

Help! I can’t cut and paste from one page in the same mock up to another. This is causing me lots of work. Anyone can tell me how to fix this please? Thanks!

Hi @Lilyhelenvj,

Are you running the latest version (3.5.16) of Mockups 3 for Desktop?
You can download it from this page if needed.

If the issue persists in the latest version, could you please let us know which OS you are running?

We’ll do our best to help!

Hi Virgin, I am on Balsamiq cloud, so imagine that I was on the latest version. On a Mac using Safari. On 10.6.8 i think. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for sharing more details, Helen!

Balsamiq Cloud is always up-to-date, indeed. That being said, your Mac OS (10.6.8) is pretty old and my guess would be that it is the cause of this issue on your end, since Safari cannot be up-to-date on this OS. (Our system requirements are detailed here)

I would suggest to either:

  • Update your MacOS
  • Use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox…) if you don’t plan on updating your OS

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:

Hi @Lilyhelenvj,

Check your keyboard layout. Hotkeys don’t work with e.g. Cyrillic. It could be possible reason for you, too, if you don’t use English layout.