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I can't write as if my keyboard was not connected


Hi, I haven’t used balsamiq for a while, I still have an active account but… I can’t write anything in any mockup (old, cloned or new).

I can delete, add and move elements, I can erase text but not write… As if my keyboard was not functioning or not connected (firefox 38.01. / MacBookPro Mac OS 10.7.5).

Anyone has a suggestion ?

Thank you


… actually it works fine on safari…


Hi Carole,

We reported the issue to the mozilla team already. Firefox changed how it sets the focus in version 37.
The annoying part is that the focus gets correctly set if you switch to another application and back to firefox while the editor is open.

For now there are only two workarounds:

  • Switch the application after the editor started.
  • Use a different browser (Chrome and Safari both work fine)


Thank you Florian.
As long as it works, doesn’t matter the browser :wink: