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I unintendedly nested two symbols


OK, I don’t know how I’ve managed it, but I’ve nested one symbol inside another (I know this is not allowed).
I’ll try to explain how it happened, to the best of my recollection:

  1. I double-clicked on a symbol in a mock-up, selected a control I wanted to copy and hit Ctrl+C
  2. I double-clicked outside the symbol to go back to the mock-up
  3. I double-clicked on a different symbol, then hit ‘Edit’ to edit it
  4. I hit Ctrl+V to copy the control in the clipboard. Instead, the whole symbol was pasted.

Now I can’t delete the nested symbol, and the one containing it is ruined:

The contents of the nested symbol somehow got deleted, so now it’s empty and I can’t make it go away (I select it and hit ‘Del’, but nothing happens). The nested symbol itself is still in the library, and other instances of it seem to be fine.


Hi again @JuanMejiasGoma and sorry for the snag!

Nesting symbols is not allowed for now but we’ll try to implement it in the future, so hopefully not a problem for too long.

Regarding your file, is it the same one that you have troubles with (when editing your symbols)?

Did this issue happened recently?
If so, please check in your local store folder for a backup file that doesn’t have the issue. The folder is called “LocalProjects”, as detailed here:

This might be the easiest way to get this solved. If it doesn’t work, please share the file via and we’ll dig this deeper!


Hi @Virgin,
I was finally able to delete the nested symbol. Hitting ‘Del’ wouldn’t work for a while, but it did after I restarted.

Right now I’m preparing my email for the other issue. I’ll send it in a minute.