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Icon and Label Entry in 3.1.4 not updating


Hi Balsamiq Team,

I think I came across a bug that I would like to bring to your attention. After much searching the forums, i did not find something similar, if this is untrue…i apologize.

Ability to update the Icon and Label mockup item by holding command and double clicking

Application Version:

Mockup Picture:

Double Click holding command option displays this: (a great repository of icons)

I select an icon: and then hit the select button

Result is:

The application has been restarted a few times and I was able to replicate it.

If any additional information is required from me, please do let me know.

Thank you and Kind Regards,


Hi, @Christopher_Davidson. It appears to work if you have the icon selected, and then CMD+double click the icon with text label. Have you tried it with the icon selected?


Hi Mike,

That is weird, if i double click the icon portion it works, but the text it was not.

Either way it is working. :smile:

Kind Regards,