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Icon and Label - the size selector is gone

I added an “Icon and Label” to an existing wireframe. The properties is missing the size selector. If I select an existing “Icon and Label” then the size selector is present. So I have to copy an existing one rather than add one from the toolbar. It doesn’t make sense that the size selector was removed so I’m assuming this was unintentional.

Hi @charring and welcome to the forum.

Which version of Balsamiq are you using?

Have you selected the icon after adding the control to the canvas? If not, just choose an icon - either by typing its name in the search box or by popping-out the Icon Library. Once you have chosen the icon for the control, you should see the resize box. Let us know if you continue to have issues and we can dig deeper, ok?

That was it! Had to select an icon before size became available. I just didn’t notice. I would suggest this improvement. Rather than hide the size control, just make it insensitive.

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