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Icon Color Picker Inconsistent


The color picker seems to get locked on black but doesn’t change the icon color until another color is picked.

I’ve noticed this a couple time, although I can’t guarantee it’s a consistent bug. I just downloaded the newest mockup today (3/12)

To recreate:

  1. create an icon, change the icon color to black.
  2. create another icon, the color picker now shows black the color but the the icon is the gray2 default color.
  3. click on the black color in the picker - notice how the icon color doesn’t change.
  4. click on any other color in the picker, the color changes.
  5. click on black color again to get the icon to be black.


Thanks for pointing this out @RaeHanley. It seems that it is an issue with the Wireframe skin. I’ll write it up and we’ll fix it!