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Icon export from B3 Desktop to MyBalsamiq


I have been doing some design in Balsamiq Desktop and then exporting the work to MyBalsamiq. I have been using the standard included icons, but when I export and then upload the project they are no longer there and I don’t see anyway to capture them for the export.



Thanks for your report.
The cause of the issue is that B3 Desktop has a new icon set. This icon set is not yet in myBalsamiq. We are working intensively on bringing the new version to myBalsamiq.

The icon set we use is font awesome.
The only workaround I currently know is to get the the font awesome icons from here:

Upload the icons you need to your assets of your myBalsamiq project.
Then you need to update the icons in your mockups.


Thanks. That’s very helpful. I note that as I load the icons into the project I end up with two of each icon. Is there anyway to exclude the original set?


The question about the smooth migration from older versions is still on the desk. Would be great if next versions could automatically change iconsstrong text

Ben, thanks for the answer. Is it possible to import my own font with custom icons (ttf, otf)?


We’re considering at least packaging them up as a set of custom icons that you could download and include in your project. Cheers!


@geneboyle, ironically, very soon after I replied to you, I found that we just posted those icons sets for you: Enjoy!


Ben, thanks for the answer. Is it possible to import my own font with icons (ttf, otf, etc.)?


It’s not possible, Gene. Custom icons are only handled via images currently—not via a font. You can find more info on custom icons here: Thanks!


Hi there. Thanks to webb9447 for the question in March as I just experienced the same issue.

Florian, thank you for the clear answer at the time.
2 months later, are you able to tell when approximately the update is going to happen (new icon set on myBalsamiq) ?
I would LOVE to see this update live, as I need to share the mockup with my associates and friends : ). It is not worth doing the manual update of my “desktop” file with the workaround you mentioned.

Thanks a lot for a lovely and efficient product overall !
Cheers !


Hi @Brice_Amram, no ETA yet. We’re coding as fast as we can but it’s a big project. In the meantime, I would suggest not trying to use desktop and myb together too much as I know it’s a bit painful right now.


OK. Thanks a lot for the quick feedback.
I’ll keep on using Balsamiq anyway : ) , it is a good product.


Man this so painful! The web editor is pretty bad for creating the mockups, so gotta do it on desktop.

But desktop doesnt sync with web, and all my icons break when I upload!

Kinda need the web bit to show my customer an interactive mockup!

Surprised this functionality wasnt added awhile ago…



Hi @thowar2, we agree it’s painful right now and are working hard on fixing it.

One suggestion for now is to use Desktop and export to an interactive PDF instead of uploading to myBalsamiq. Here’s some more info: