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Icon Library is out of date

The available icons from FontAwesome are out of date, and the icons I want to use in my mockups are not available.
Also, when I try to add my own icons as .svg, it doesn’t allow it. It only seems to accept .png or .jpg.
Can we please update Balsamiq Cloud to the latest FontAwesome library?

Hi @RyanRutkin and welcome to the forum.

Updating to FontAwesome 5 is definitely on the list - I just don’t have a timeline for it at this time (rewriting the new, native desktop apps has been consuming a lot of our resources for a while now).

You are correct that we curren tly support only .PNG and .JPG for images but we’re tracking the demand for the ability to import .SVG and I’ve gone ahead and added your vote in support.

Thanks! I am new to the forum and support and am just learning my way around, but I’ve been using Balsamiq for some time now.

Could you provide a link to the support ticket for .SVG support?

Hi @RyanRutkin

The ticket is in our internal tracking so I can’t provide a public link. Rest assured that I’ve added your request to that tracking.

Please add my vote for SVG support. This is a must have.

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Please add mine too as this badly needed unless you’ll release an update to the latest FontAwesome library.

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