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Icon links broken in PDF export


I put icons (MS Word and Adobe Acrobat) in one mockup. Then I added links to the icons, so that users who click on the icons are taken to another mock-up. Then I exported the project to PDF.

The icon links work in Full Screen Presentation mode, but not in the PDF Export.


I’m sorry about that, @bookgrrl!

Links can sometimes cause issues with PDF exports if there are two that are layered on top of each other. The PDF export doesn’t respect the z-order of links, so it just picks a random link from a layer and says “this is the link we will use!”

Double check the project and make sure that there aren’t any linked items below the two icons. If that doesn’t solve the issue, shoot us an email at, and we will dig into it. Including the project, if possible, would be a huge help!

Sorry again for the trouble with this. Let me know if the layers were the culprit.