Idea: make symbol unique (copy)


I use symbols a LOT and find them real useful.

But I often find that I need to make tiny modifications to a symbol just for a single mockup screen.

Example: I have a dialogbox as symbol with yes/no buttons, a headline and a text field. In one of the mockups I would like to remove a button.

I can not do that . I can only edit the symbol and move things around. Makes sense, symbols are LINKS to things with local postion. Like Delphi shared forms.

Here is my idea: option to create LOCAL copies of a symbol, acting exactly like local objects that are grouped. Just like in Sketchup where you can right-click “Make UNIQUE”. Now it’s not a link anymore, but a local instance.

The way I solve today is create a new symbol. But it seems counter-intuitive.


Hey @hsatech!

Thanks for sharing your need today. It sounds like the Break Apart option will help to achieve this. Have you tried using that one yet?

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here.


Well. THAT is embarassing. The function is already there. in my face.

Just what I need, and sorry for not knowing this already…



Not at all my friend! That’s exactly why we’re here. :slight_smile: