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Ignore cropped parts when creating thumbnails and exporting PNGs


I have a symbol like this:

…and in a specific context I cropped it like this:

As a result thumbnails and exported files have extra whitespace: (thumbnail) (exported)

Please ignore the whitespace caused by invisible cropped parts of groups or symbols when creating thumbnails and when exporting.

Thank you!


Hey @Taimar

Thanks for taking the time to post about this, and for your awesome examples. When we optimized the cropping rendering, we re-introduced this bug - I’m very sorry about that.

When you get a moment, would you mind trying the same crop in our latest beta? We think that we may have solved the issue, but would love to get some real world input on it. You can grab the beta here.

I’m sorry again for any hassle this has caused you. We want to get it fixed :slight_smile:


Thank you, seems to be solved indeed.

Had to update the mockups in order to update the thumbnails, though. That said, I don’t think that’s a problem you need to solve, really.

Thanks again!