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I'm not able to login at all

I’m not sure what happened but no matter how many times I try to log in, I get an internal error. It says reloading the page will fix it but it hasn’t. I originally tried to create an account by signing into google and that didnt work. Next I tried to make a new account with a different email and wasn’t able to log on either. I tried a third time to make an account by signing into google with another email but yet again, I get an internal error. What can I do about this? Do I just have to way a few days or so?

Hi @Joshua_Betetta and sorry for the hassle with this account creation.

I went ahead and manually verified your account so you should be able to log in now. Would you mind giving it another try?

If the issue persists, could you please reach out via
It would be easier to share account-related information over email.

We’ll do our best to help!