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Image not found - balsamiq desktop 2.2.19



i have made a copy of a directory that contain asset folder and all of my old mockups. I want to review all of these… but when i open mockups again, I lose all images based on asset, and i see only the image’s placeholder with “Image not found”.

I have to redefine image property for all images in the mockup to specify image that i want to use in the asset and that’s the same image

Version 2.2.19 is currently the version authorized by my organization.

Hope you understand me, my English is rusty :wink:


Hi @jftremblay

That is a version I have not seen for a while :smiley:

The trouble you hit that we used to use file path references. These references can break easily if the file references are not correct.

If you selected a file from your filesystem instead of picking it from the project assets tab the reference would look like this:

The correct version path would be:

If you send us the project zipped to we are happy to help.

To prevent this issue we changed how images get included in Balsamiq Mockups 3.
If you want to learn more about the new version and how to convert your project we have a lot information on our website.
Basic changes like project files and assets:
How to import your bmml projects:

Let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks Florian.

we’ll consider to upgrade balsamiq. For now, I’m able to change easily xml tag “src” in xml source using regular expression.