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IMAGE not found but choosable



after attaching a picture to a ticket and selecting it, we get a Image not found error.

I hope you have any idea why this could happen.



Hi @michael.sand and sorry for the trouble with that image.

Have you followed these steps to import your .png file?

Does the issue occur when trying to import any image file?

If the issue persists, would you mind sharing the file via support@balsamiq so we can dig deeper?
We’ll keep it strictly confidential and only long enough to try to help with this.

Sorry again for the hassle. I’ll stand by for your reply and we’ll go from there.



yes, we have attached the picture to the issue.

Then when clicking on the dropdown image selection box and selecting the picture it is displayed properly in this window, but when clicking on Load, for finally adding it to the mockup it show up like in the first post.

Yes we tried multiple picture formats.

what file do you need exactly?


Hi @michael.sand,

Sorry for the continuing hassle with this. I’d love if you could send an image file that you are trying to import, just to make sure it’s not related to the file(s).

Please reach out via email and we’ll dig deeper. Also, it will be easier to set up a call there if we need to. We’ll do our best to help.