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Image not found when importing BMML into 3.0


I have imported a 2.2 BMML file into 3.0. A dialog pops indicating that the associated images are being added to the assets. In 2.0 I used a public asset folder and all BMML files pointed to that. I imported that asset folder into 3.0.

However, when I import the 2.2 BMML files, none of the images show up. Instead I get “image not found” where they all are.

How do I import BMML files, and maintain their image references?


Hi @RGL. I’m thinking that you emailed us about this as well, but just in case it was a different Roman, here’s my answer. :smile:

Sorry for the trouble! If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you had set up an Account Assets folder in a custom location, using a config file, and you had your images in there. Then you imported those images into your B3 project, and then imported the BMML files. Let me know if I understood that incorrectly.

There are two things here. One is a bug/missing feature, and one is a difference in order of operations from what you are doing. The change in order of operations is that you don’t need to import the images first into your project, and in fact, even if you do, that’s not going to work. If you imported the images first, we would expect the mockups to be imported with broken references to the images, and you would need to go through each image and select the correct asset again.

The bug/missing feature is that we don’t pick up Account Assets that are located in a folder other than the default folder. We have an item in our list to try and tackle that for the future, but for right now, you would have to move the Account Assets first and then import. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Create an Account Assets folder in the default location (Inside the Documents or Documents & Settings folder, create a “Balsamiq Mockups” folder that contains an “assets” folder)
  2. Copy all of your images to that new “assets” folder that were stored in your previous Account Assets folder
  3. Move your config file to a different folder so that you don’t lose it, but it’s no longer used either (If you need to find the config file, just open Balsamiq 2.2 and go to the About Balsamiq Mockups dialog and click Open Local Store Folder)
  4. Restart Balsamiq 2.2 and make sure that the mockups are still working with the images
  5. Open Balsamiq 3 and import the project using Project > Import > Project from BMMLs Folder

That will import your mockups, as well as the images from the Account Assets folder as assets in the project. Hopefully that does the trick for you. Let us know if you have any trouble or questions. Thanks!


thanks for the quick response. I’m really impressed with this forum and the support. Unfortunately 2.2 is not working. It’s hanging at “setting things up”. that’s why I upgraded. I can’t find how to reinstall 2.2.


ok, I found . great. I unstalled and reinstalled 2.2, but it is still hanging at “setting things up”


Yuck! Sorry about that. :frowning: It sounds like something is borked. Even while it’s at “Setting things up” you should be able to open the About Balsamiq Mockups dialog and get to the Local Store folder. Or, you can get some help here: The only difference to the instructions in that article, which are for B3, is that the folder just above Local Store starts with “BalsamiqMockupsForDesktop” instead of “BalsamiqMockups3”.

To fix the 2.2 issue, try going to that folder and deleting the file called “MockupsCookies.db” and restarting 2.2. Usually, that helps get things going again. Sorry again for the hassle!


It didn’t work the first time, so I just deleted all the folders, uninstalled, then reinstalled. works now. thanks

now off to fix my original problem. will give that a shot.

BTW… I’ve been doing product design for 25 years. this is my tool of choice for storyboarding and UI requirements. I am troubled with the change of supporting a common asset file. My design team and product managers all use Balsamiq. Icons tend to change and I would like a place to change icons and add them and automatically have all storyboards be updated. any ideas on how we can do that would be appreciated. at the moment, we have over 3000 icons


This is something that we have thought a lot about, and continue to look for ways to make it better. One of our oldest threads in this forum is about just that: Account Assets are gone. We’re not saying that we never will, but we have to find a better approach than we had before. It caused far too many problems for customers and for us. Thanks for your patience with us!


ok. that worked with the upgrade. thanks.