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Image not found


When importing a .bmml file to balsamiq b3, none of my images are found.
Note that my images weren’t stored in an “assets” folders (but rather in a folder called “images”).


We’ll take a look!

Can you please post a screenshot of your folder structure, showing bmml and images?



Hi @101mcs, this should be fixed in the latest build: - try “Import from BMMLs Folder…” again and it should work!


Yes, it works. I was able to import a folder containing 12 mockups with 60 images. Nice!

One suggestion: I found the following message confusing:

I assume I got this message because my mockups use the same image more than once. But if the image is really the same, why ask about replacing it? And if it’s not the same, what should I do? Skip? Keep both?
Besides for not being sure what the problem is, I also don’t know what balsamiq will do if I choose any of these options.


That’s a bug, we shouldn’t ask you. We’ll fix it right up!