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Image picker in wireframes 4.1.2 is really small

The image picker in wireframes 4.1.2 on the Mac is really small:

small image picker

It would be helpful to:

  1. Show many more thumbnails - rather than the 3x2 grid that fits currently, can we come closer to filling the screen with the picker?
  2. Show larger thumbnails - they could do with being about twice the size.
  3. Show more of the file name - at the moment I am seeing fewer than 10 characters.
  4. There is no on hover for truncated file names.

It is quite fiddly to use. I don’t know if this is a regression from previous releases but I don’t recall it being quite so small.

Thanks! :smile:

Hi @paulshoughton,

Thanks for the post and the feedback. I checked the image picker in the current 4.1.2 version against an earlier version and against Cloud and BW for Desktop for Windows and the appearance is consistent so this doesn’t look like a regression.

I’d be happy to take this feedback back to the team and see if we can make some improvements. I’ll write up an internal ticket now and let you know if and when there’s any progress. Thanks again.

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