Image resolution is very low when added to Wireframe

Why are the assets dragged & dropped (imported) to a wireframe are being resized so drastically to a such a low quality? Is there an option to prevent Balsamiq from doing so?

MacOS. Balsamiq: Version 4.6.6 (56), Editor Version: 7.0.0

Example: Original file 962 x 607, 305KB

When placed inside a Wireframe, it becomes 481x304, 28KB, which results in low-resolution asset which is very problematic to work with and makes no sense to continue doing it via Balsamiq.

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Hi @damirock

Thanks for the post and the question.

Taking a step back, as a low-fidelity wireframing app, we’re very focused on a sketchy, far-from-pixel-perfect look so we may reduce the size of imported images depending on a number of criteria. We might:

  • Resize the image to a maximum of 2 megapixels
  • Down-scale Retina images from 2x to 1x
  • Down-scale HiDPI images
  • Convert PNG images to JPG when possible
    It looks, in your case, like a 2x Retina image is being downscaled.

We do this to keep the focus on the low-fidelity nature of wireframing (as opposed to, say, prototyping) and also to try to keep the project as efficient as possible (imported images tend to balloon the size of projects very quickly).

If you would like me to take a closer look at this specific image to veryify that what’s happening is supposed to be happening, would you drop an email to attaching the original source image? We’ll be happy to dig into this for you.