Images distorted when pasted into Balsamiq

I’ve been having an issue pasting images into Balsamiq wireframes where the part of the right edge of the image ends up on the left edge.

For example, if I copy this image using a screenshotting tool (such as snippy or ShareX), note there is a yellow line on the left, blue in the middle and a red line on the right to illustrate the issue:

When I paste it into Balsamiq the red line and part the blue in the middle is shifted to the left before the yellow line:

This does not happen pasting to any other applications that tested, it started some time after update 4.1.12 and still present in the latest version 4.5.3 (not sure exactly which update it started as I had been avoiding the update that increased the PNG output resolution).

It’s really messing with my workflow, as I often copy small images of parts of our application’s UI into Balsamiq when creating wireframes and now they come out distorted.

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Hi @James_W and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve tried to reproduce this both on Mac and Windows but it’s working fine on my end. Would it be possible to share the reproducible steps and maybe a quick screencast via

We’ll do everything we can to help!

I’ve sent through an email with reproduction steps, if it’s still unclear let me know and i can create a screen recording of the issue.

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