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[IMPLEMENTED] Balsamiq does not support OSX horizontal scrolling

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.3.10

Horizontal scrolling can be activated in OSX by using SHIFT-Scroll wheel. Balsamiqs does not support this type of scrolling.

Thanks for the feedback @Colin_Heics. I’ll add the request to our tracker for our development team to look at this issue.

Hi @Colin_Heics ,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.11). Just hold SHIFT and scroll up and down, and we’ll interpret it as horizontal scrolling.

Thanks again for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

The new version (3.3.11) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here.

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I don’t recall having this issue before I just updated, but how is it possible that so many other native apps can support 2-dimensional scrolling with two-finger drag on a touchpad but Balsamiq cannot? Since this is two years old I’m guessing it was fixed, but it’s back if so.

Sorry again, @Matt_Laurence. Mockups 3 for Desktop isn’t actually a native app (which is part of the problem), it’s built on top of the Adobe Flex framework. Their most recent update is what broke horizontal scrolling, and we are waiting for them to fix that.

The next generation of our desktop app will be completely native, which should solve this issue.

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Horizontal scroll with Shift seems to be broken in 3.5.16


Hi @Colin_Heics,

Thanks for the post. We’re aware of an issue here. To try to keep a long story short, we recently released 3.5.16 which contained an update to the underlying framework (Adobe Air). We didn’t make any changes with regard to scrolling so we’re assume Adobe made some scrolling ‘improvements’.

There are a couple of simple workarounds which, hopefully, will work for you:

We know this is not ideal but we’re currently working on new, native versions of the desktop apps which should resolve this - and other Air-related issues - once and for all.

Related reading: Balsamiq 3.5.16 - 08-06-18 - Magic Mouse Horizontal Scroll - Not working for me

Get back to me if you have any other questions.

Just to be clear, horizontal scrolling with an external mouse scroll wheel is broken.

Holding shift and vertically swiping on the MacBook touchpad still scrolls horizontally.

Thanks @Colin_Heics - if you install version 3.5.15 is the feature still broken?

Hi there, I’m using Balsamiq Version 3.5.16 on MacOS 10.14, and it still doesn’t work. :frowning:

This makes working with Balsamiq such a pain :sob:

When will this be finally fixed? It is an issue since 2015. :scream:

It is especially painful for Mac Users when you have your Dock at the bottom of the screen. The scrollbar is that tiny and thus hard to reach. If I move my mouse to the bottom, the Dock appears and covers the scrollbar. :man_facepalming:

Sorry for the trouble with this, @JoshuaSchaer. Shift+Scroll was working fine until we updated the Adobe Air version, as Alasdair mentioned here:

We’re entering the beta phase for our new native Desktop app (where you can horizontally scroll) and I’ll be happy to add you to the list if you’d like to give it a try. It’s been a huge project for our team and we can wait for everyone to try it out!

Hi @Virgin, thanks for your reply. Yes please, add me to the list. Will my projects be more or less compatible with the new native Desktop App?

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You’re on the list, Joshua! Your projects will indeed be compatible since we’re using the same file format in the new version. :slight_smile:

Horizontal scrolling works with Balsamiq Version 3.5.15 without having to hold down Shift. :exploding_head:

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Sounds like you’re using a trackpad or Magic mouse then, even better! :slight_smile:

I still have this issue whether I use the track pad or the Magic mouse. I’m on the latest version - 3.5.16

Hi @inko9nito,

We’re aware of a scrolling issue with the underlying Adobe Air framework in the current version of Mockups 3. Can you try downgrading one update (to 3.5.15) and you should be able to horizontal scroll correctly:

Guys, this feature has been broken for about 5 months.
You are advising people NOT to use the latest version of your own software.
The problem is with a primary navigation system used hundreds of times a day by your users.
Perhaps it is time to prioritize fixing this?

Hi @axup,

Thanks so much for the post and the frank feedback.

I totally understand where you are coming from - issues like this are as frustrating for us too :frowning:

When we opted to ship Mockups 3 based on the underlying framework of Adobe Air, we did it for the upside of shipping on more than one platform with the same base. However, there was downside too and this bug is a good example of that - we have little or no control over Air and that creates this situation where we have to suggest downgrading a version to roll back the problem Adobe introduced in Air.

We are prioritizing the solution to this problem in the bigger picture - to move off the Adobe Air framework completely and onto our 100% own stack. That way we have full control and any bugs are ours and ours alone :slight_smile:

We started that project many months ago and it’s progressing well. It’s the single most important thing our engineering team is working on right now and almost all of our small team are involved. In that sense it’s our top priority.

I know that doesn’t solve the specific issue as quickly as we - or you would like - but we’ve opted for a little short term pain for a much bigger long term gain. Thankfully there is a workaround (roll back to 3.5.15) which solves the scroll issue but does not create any spin-off problems.

We have a limited public beta of the new, native desktop apps and, if you’d like to get on the list for an early look and some testing, @axup I’d be happy to add you. Just get back to me and let me know macOS, Windows or both and I’ll get you added.

Again, thanks for the candid feedback - it’s always appreciated. I hope you understand that we’re working hard to put ourselves in a stronger position to prevent and address this kind of issue in the future.