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[IMPLEMENTED] Feature request: Fixing a problem with Autosave


Balsamiq Edit: The ability to disable Autosave has been implemented in version 3.4.1

The Autosaving feature is in most cases extremely convenient, as we can merrily edit without having to save our changes explicitly all the time.

As a logical consequence of this Balsamiq mockups 3.3.5 now autosaves a changed mockup when it is closed (apparently even when nothing has changed).

But this can be very annoying when you just have opened an old mockup and changed it a bit for testing, and then close it, intending to discard all changes to keep the old mockup untampered and correctly timestamped. You never get the chance. The change sticks.

This could be circumvented however, if you added this Exit dialog which would only be triggered if something really had changed:

“Mockup has changed”

  • Save (default)
  • Save as…
  • Discard changes

That dialog could be a Preference setting by checkbox. If not checked, all would be as it is now.


Hi @Odd_Wiking_Rahlff,

Thanks for getting in touch about this!

I like that idea, I’ve added it to our internal tracker as the Autosave feature is actually one we discuss regularly with the team to make it as awesome as possible.

Thanks again for taking the time to share that one with us! :smile:


Hi @Odd_Wiking_Rahlff,

Hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Just came across this feature request and realised that the need should be covered by the option to disable the autosave feature that we introduced in this release.

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here!


Thanks. Yes, that would solve it, but it would mean I´d have to remember to switch that toggle off immediately when opening a mockup I just want to play around with.


That’s right but switching to manual save permanently could be your best option in this case.

Your changes are still being saved to the internal backup file, and they will automatically recover if you close the app without remembering to save.

In the event you want to discard any changes you have made to the file, you can use the Project > Reload from Disk… menu item to revert to the last thing you saved to your original project file.