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[IMPLEMENTED][Feature Request] Instancing of text boxes


Hey there,

I’m loving Mock Up!

One thing that would speed up my app design is to have the option to instance items (especially text fields), so that when they are changed on one Mockup page, they automatically change in the other ones.

Maybe I’m designing my app wrong, but here’s my workflow:

  1. I make what I think is a half way decent interface for a page
  2. I duplicate & rename it, cover it with a semi-transparent rectangle, and throw an Pop up on top of it
  3. Repeat step 2 a few times, depending on options for a page.
  4. Realize that that page’s interface needs changing.
  5. Redo the change in all the above mockups, and having to move the semi-transparent rectangle out of the way to make the change, then move it back (because I don’t know how to select underneath it)
  6. Repeat this process a few times, because yay iteration!

Anyway, does this functionality already exist? Is it something that could be implemented? This feature is fairly common in 3D programs, and I could see how it would help this program as well. Again though, the end user would need the option to instance or copy. There are good reasons to do one or the other in the same project.


Hey @MCW,

Glad to see you have access here again. :slight_smile:

Good news! We do have this feature implemented and its called Symbols. Please find all the details about the way to use it on this page.

This should help reducing the steps that you have to perform right now. Let us know if you need anything else.


Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated!

For those users used to other software, maybe it would make sense to have a
’synonym’ page in your documentation?

If it was in the forum, it could be user generated.



Totally agree, Troy. Naming features can be real hard to get right - especially for something like Symbols. I’m not sure how we would work a synonym page into our docs, but we are constantly doing what we can to tweak search results and make the content more discoverable overall.

You are not the first person to ask for Symbols and not know they existed, so there is definitely something we can do better here. We will take a look at the docs and see. :slight_smile:

Thanks, my friend. If there is anything else we can do to help, let us know!


Thanks again,

Looking into symbols now, and encountered something interesting. Minor Bug? Or, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

When learning a new tool, sometimes I’ll start a test file or project so I don’t mess up what I’ve been working on. I did that. However, on the new project, the two example symbols were not in it, as they are on the project that I’ve been working on for a while. I took a screen shot so you can see both projects side by side. Note: it did not seem to matter if only one project was open at a time. The new project did not have the sample symbols.

See attached


Annnd, after reading the symbol documentation, I realized why those were in one and not the other (when creating a new symbol, those examples are auto-generated.)

Now, I need to learn how to edit and/or delete my posts on this forum! :wink:



Hey @MCW,

Glad to hear that you figured it out already. In case you need to have a symbol in multiple projects, you can drag and drop each symbol from one project to another, as detailed here.

You can click on the Show More option to reveal edit/delete functionalities.

Have a great day!