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[IMPLEMENTED] Feature request: organize mockups within a project

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.3.1

It’d be nice to be able to sort/organize the list of mockups within a project. Grouping them into subfolders would be lovely, or tagging them so I can look at overlapping subgroups.

After import from a folder of mockups, I’m spending a lot of time dragging the mockups one by one to get things together; even sorting by name would have helped (so step1, step2, step3 had appeared in that order, instead of some other unknown order).


I agree. And a lot of others design tools support folders.

Projects were a big improvements since single files, but adding folders and supporting multiple selection to drag your files around would be the last building block it needs to make our lives so much easier.

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Thanks guys. This is on our list for consideration. We’ve talked about letting you add some simple hierarchy to start, which is easy to represent in the project browser. Tags is also something under consideration, but the simpler parent / child grouping is something we may consider first.

The most basic implementation of this may be to just “indent” Mockups to make it a child of the parent Mockup above it. Would that suffice? That’s similar to what you might be familiar with in presentation software like Keynote, for instance.


Hi Mike,

I’d like to be able to group mockups in sub folders as part of a project too.

I’m new to using Balsamiq, but to give you some context, my current project has around 90 screens that we want to produce mockups for. The system can be divided into 8 or 9 functional areas. We tend to present one functional area to our stakeholders at a time, before moving on to the next, but I want to keep all the screens in the same project so that eventually we can show the whole thing. The parent/child thing wouldn’t really work for me.

If I could have Project > Sub Folder > Mockups, it would make the volume much more manageable. And to be able to Export from the Sub Folder level too would be amazing - so I could produce a PDF of a subset of mockups in the project rather than all or one…


If you can collapse/expand the nodes above, then I guess that would do the trick for me. Otherwise, the glass would be half full, but I would still be able to drink it :smile:


@Jess_Readhead I think starting with exploring the parent/child concept I mentioned above will be a start. The parent Mockup could just be a blank page or a section title. But right now, we’re still exploring the idea that a project is a deck/stack of wireframes, and possibly adding straight hierarchy.

@Mathieu_Brault Yes, that would be the idea. Collapse/Expand the children below a parent. Pretty much what you would find in a tree control. That’s what I want too. :smile:


I used to organize the files (in v2) with numbers in front of the actual name. Great way for Balsamiq2, not necessary for v3 but it would be great for using v3 if the sorting could be switched to alphabetically.

As Balsamiq 3 is now project based, it saves the order of mockups. This makes stuff already a lot easier:

I started to indent mockups by adding spaces in front of the name. Works actually pretty well (not great if you want to reorganize, but as projects get larger it is worth the effort.


I’d like to add my vote for this feature - I can see lots of people who would love to be able to have mock-ups in different folders, then being able to expand/collapse these in the Navigator view.


I can’t find a way to drag to re-order now. Am I missing something?

I did an update the 3.0.7 and I see the drag bars now.

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I think we broke this in a build, but we got them fixed right away. Sorry for the trouble, but glad you got it sorted out!

I propose

that users can multi-select mockups in the file browser and drag left or right to indent or outdent.  This would be similar to Onenote 2013 as seen in this mockup 

Note: I have also proposed a change to the Mockups label, that it be changed to Projects
The reason for the label change is that users can already rename the mockups and the projects without opening the rename|clone|trash menu and placing the Projects label above mockups would make renaming flow more smoothly.

Would you like me to repost this as a new ticket?


I used to use and prefixes for filenames because it seemed easier to type that character than typing SPACEBAR multiple times. I wish we could press TAB while renaming mockups @Mike and @ben what do you think?

Hey Jon, thanks for taking the time to mock this up. We’ll decide more on actual functionality when we get closer to implementing.

We will not be changing the label to Projects though. If we support organizing mockups in a project, that will not be to create sub-projects, but just groups of mockups. We feel strongly that at this point, a project should be a single file. That project file will contain everything in it that it needs, but shouldn’t necessarily have sub-projects. If people want to structure their files in groups, that’s cool, but we don’t want to encourage nesting of projects. Large file sizes will adversely affect performance and lead to unhappy people. :frowning:

Thanks again for the ideas!

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YES! on being able to export sub-folders. Current option of exporting either 1 screen or all of them, is really clunky.

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I think you may have misunderstood my meaning of a Projects label. I meant Project 1 is the bmpr file, there can be multiple projects visible in the file browser, but those are just separate bmpr files. The label would change to Projects, but the title of the bmpr right under the file menu would dynamically change to whichever Project is selected.

I agree with you in this respect. I can’t tell you how nice it is to not need an assets folder anymore.

I agree, especially when uploading to services like OneDrive.

Cool. I think we’re on the same page. We have no plans to support showing multiple projects in one window though. They will continue to be as they are now, with a Window menu to switch between them. Thanks!

Fair enough, thank you for the follow up.

Folders are absolutely necessary. A large website or application may have hundreds of pages, not counting dialogs, associated emails, etc. If there is no way to organize so many pages, there is no way we can use this tool effectively.