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[IMPLEMENTED] Feature Request: Presentation of Alternates

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.3.14

I love the new feature that allows us to create alternate views of a mockup…

However what would make this REALLY nice is if there’d be a way to select and show alternates during ‘presentation mode’. Any chance this could happen?

Thanks - Jamie


Interesting idea. I’ll add your request to our feature tracker. At the moment you have cancel out of fullscreen, re-select the alternate and then go back into fullscreen. It’s a few steps, so I can see wanting a UI to change alternates directly in fullscreen.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.

Would be really nice if it had a simple indicator on screen to show how many (if any) alternates there were (“1/3”), then have a keyboard control to rotate back and forth through them?

Alternates are a wonderful addition - Balsamiq has come leaps and bounds recently; we have iRise here but I never use it any more; Balsamiq is so much more practical for me!

BTW would be really nice if Balsamiq would remember my settings choices for ‘Presentation mode’ too - I hate having to get rid of hotspots and the chunky arrow every time I use it!


@badmanj I like that suggestion for a simple indicator in the fullscreen title with a menu to switch. I added it to our feature story.

Regarding presentation mode, that should be saved between sessions. Are you on the latest version? I tested 3.1.3, which we released today and it does save the presentation settings. Maybe try updating?

I too would love the ability to seamlessly swap between alternate views of the same screen in presentation mode.

Maybe this could just be a simple right click or keyboard option?

Typically what I do is this:

  1. Create the first version of a screen.
  2. Then create a duplicate which overlays the original.
    3 Group all elements in the alternate.
  3. Select ‘treat as mark up’ for the alternate group.
  4. Use the ‘show/hide mark up’ function to switch between the two versions.

This works OK for instances where I only have one duplicate, but more often than not, I have three versions of the same screen that I would like to flip back and forward between during a presentation.

Hi @Tom_Roche,

Thanks for sharing your way of dealing with alternates in fullscreen right now, by using the markup option.
This might be really helpful for other users. :+1:

I added you vote for this feature request.

Yes please, I would absolutely ADORE the ability to swap between alternates in presentation mode.

So helpful when presenting to clients and trying to make group decisions about particular layouts or options.

Please please please!

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Here as well. We will be very happy to get alternates on the presentation mode
Waiting for this feature

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Hi friends,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.14) including this feature!
You can now select alternates easily both from the navigator menu and the fullscreen navigator menu,

Thanks again for the request! :slight_smile:

The new version (3.3.14) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here if needed.

Hi, I would still like a keyboard shortcut hotkey to easily and seamlessly switch between alternates. The current method of switching takes too many clicks and interrupts the flow of a presentation.

I use use the page-up/down and arrow-up/down keys to switch between mockups, so maybe you could assign the arrow-left/right keys to switch between alternates?

Thanks for your consideration!


You are not the first to ask for this, @Chris_Cheng. I’ll check in on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nudge, my friend!

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Been away for a while but this is awesome, being able to see alternates without stopping the presentation.

Thanks very much for nudging this along everyone.


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