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[IMPLEMENTED] [Feature Request] Renaming a Mockup

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.4.2

Hey Guys,

I wish you all a happy new year. :slightly_smiling:

I noticed a thing about renaming Mockups, that could be improved a little in my opinion.
When I select a Mockup in the Navigator I have two options to reach the rename-button, either through the drop down or right click. Could you add F2, please? :wink:

Best wishes

Hey @ArcticMe,

Happy new year to you too! :tada:

Actually, you already have two more options for renaming a mockup:

  1. Double click on the mockup name
  2. Use CTRL+ALT+R (or CMD+ALT+R on Mac)

Please let me know if that works for you, Dominik. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. :slightly_smiling:

Hey @Virgin,

thanks for the quick reply.

Did not know these two. Thank you! :smile:
They both work, but CTRL+ALT+R is a lot less intuitive to me. F2 is the windows standard, Photoshop has it, too, even though I have used CTRL+R before, I think in Ableton.
Donโ€™t know if this is a bit over the top, having 5 ways to rename a mockup :grin:
But if the button has no functions in balsamiq so far and if the implementation would not take too long, maybe take it in consideration for your next update.

Another Ableton Live user, interesting! :smile:

I added your comment and thoughts in our internal tracker, weโ€™ll discuss it with the team to try to come up with the best way to deal with this one.

Thanks again for sharing the idea @ArcticMe!

Hi @ArcticMe,

Hope everything is well. :slight_smile:

We just released our latest official version (3.4.2) and you can now rename a mockup or symbol library with the F2 key even if the focus is on the canvas (and nothing is selected).

Thanks again for the request!

The new version (3.4.2) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here if needed.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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