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[IMPLEMENTED] Horizontal scroll wheel support

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.3.10

Horizontal scroll wheel support, please.
Especially in balsamiq 3, where the we have a left and right pane, I often need to scroll horizontally. With my mouse pad, I can only scroll vertically (ThinkPad S440 - Windows7/Ubuntu14(Wine)).



I added your vote to a feature request to support “shift + mouse wheel” for horizontal scrolling.

If you just need a little more space you can press “CTRL + J” to hide the file browser.
Or if you press “ALT + ENTER” or “CTRL + Shift + I” to hide the property inspector on the right.

Does that mean I would have to press shift? On most modern mouse pads, you just use two fingers and slide horizontally. I tried to find the feature request ticket but to no avail.

@Florian_Brauer thanks for the attention.


I really don’t like having to scroll horizontally to find the symbol that I want.

What happened to vertically scrolling through thumbnails of symbols ?

Mac OS X Yosemite


Scrolling through UI Library is quite a challenge using mouses with scrollwheels.
Now I have to position my device exactly where the scrollbar is, then click & drag instead of just spinning the wheel. (Even if it’s a horizontal scroll panel)

Thanks for your additional comments, folks.

@WillyTchiYuanHa, with Balsamiq 3, we made the decision to position the UI Library at the top. We actually had it on the side for a while to preserve the vertical scrolling, but from a lot of feedback in our beta, decided to put it at the top. Here’s our announcement of the change: New Feature: "Panels" UI - #33 by peldi. You can look farther up in that thread and see the discussion that led to that.

@bencegh, we realize that it is challenging. :frowning: We do have a feature request on our list for the future to support this better. Because we are based on Adobe Air, this is quite a bit more difficult technically. We are starting work on creating native versions of our app, and this will be much easier, and work better in those versions. They’re a long way off though—it’s a huge project for our small team. We’ll continue to see what we could improve in the meantime.

For now, I would suggest giving Quick Add a try. We added a small thumbnail preview to the list, so as you search for something, it’s much easier to identify what you want. Just use / or + to put focus in the Quick Add search bar and start typing. You can even press SHIFT+ENTER to have the control placed on the canvas where your mouse pointer is. Hope that helps!

Hi @dotnetCarpenter

We have an internal tracker for feature change requests and bugs. There we collect the feedback from all contact channels.

Horizontal scrolling with a gesture on the track pad and the magic mouse should already work.
I only have a Mac Book available that has a track pad that is modern enough to support gestures.
We’ll take another look for windows.

There is also the case that you do not have a track pad or a magic mouse. In this case the shift key would make easier e.g. for horizontal scrolling on the canvas.

The UI Library is a special case ideally you should not need a modifier key because you can only scroll left to right.

@Florian_Brauer I got a ThinkPad S440 with a Synaptics TouchPad and is using Balsamiq Desktop through Wine 1.7.38 and Adobe Air 16.0. I might be missing some functionality due to my linux ubuntu setup. I’ll try rebooting into Windows 7 and see if my issue persist.

@Florian_Brauer horizontal scrolling works as expected in Windows. So I guess my original request is Horizontal scroll wheel support in linux. I will investigate is it is a wine thing.

This is good to know @dotnetCarpenter. We don’t officially support Linux, so if it ends up being tied directly to Linux, or running in Wine, we would be sad for you, but not able to do much. We don’t even have a Linux build anymore.

We do hope to improve this further in the future though, and hopefully those improvements will benefit you as well!

Where is the link toward these feature request?
I want to vote for!

I often find myself wanting to scroll it using the mouse wheel until I find the element I want to drop. It would be great if the control supported that so I can keep my cursor on the elements and quickly drop things!

Looking for this functionality as well, I often find myself copying images from the web for icons and such and pasting them into the document. This means I have no idea what their name is so I need to find them visually, but without a horizontal scroll this is very annoying and almost makes it easier to find a screen where I have that element and copy from there.

I constantly find myself using shift and the mouse wheel to attempt a horizontal scroll of the canvas. If you can, please add another +1 to that feature request on my behalf, I’d appreciate it.



It does not work in my Windows version, though: Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1, balsamiq 3.3.6.

I’d really like to be able to scroll horizontally (specifically the canvas when zoomed in on a large mockup), using either keys (equivalent to PageUp and PageDown for vertical scrolling) or the mouse. Shift + Scroll would be fine, support of the Logitech VX nano horizontal scrolling would be ideal (but this can be easily configured by assigning keyboard shortcuts if they are available).

Sorry about the trouble with that, @PhilippQF. Does anything happen when you use the scroll wheel?

It should be scrolling the canvas, so let’s see if we can figure out what’s up.

It scrolls the canvas vertically, as expected.

Using modifiers:

  • Ctrl + mouse wheel: Zoom
  • Alt + mouse wheel: Zoom
  • AltGr + mouse wheel: Zoom
  • Shift + mouse wheel: Vertical scroll
  • Shift + Ctrl + mouse wheel: Zoom
  • Shift + Ctrl + Alt + mouse wheel: Zoom

Lightning fast response, @Brendan. Thanks!

I’m sorry, Phillip, I thought we had this working in Windows.

I will give this story a nudge and see if we can’t make something happen.

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Looking forward to it :slightly_smiling:


Hi friends,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.11). Because of the platform we’re using right now, we have limited support for horizontal scrolling, but we found a compromise! Just hold SHIFT and scroll up and down, and we’ll interpret it as horizontal scrolling.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do! :slight_smile:

The new version (3.3.11) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here.