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[IMPLEMENTED] Where can I find current wireframes for iOS9 and Android 5/6?

Balsamiq Edit: This has been implemented in version 3.5.3

I’ve been using Balsamiq for a little less than a year, but as time goes on it’s falling further and further behind current design elements on both iOS and Android. I’ve looked in a number of places like Mockups2Go, but haven’t found any good sets of templates containing Android 5/6 or iOS9 elements. I realize wireframing is more about functionality and workflow than design, but it seems like staying current is still key in moving this product forward against its competitors. Can anyone point me at a newer set of elements that can be downloaded for more recent versions of mobile platforms? Thanks a bunch!

Hey @bcarlson, sorry about the lack of built in, up-to-date Android and iOS controls.

We are actually in the process of discussing the best way to update the Android and iOS controls. Mike has been researching Material design, and we hope to have updated controls for BOTH Android and iOS soon.

I’m not sure if you saw the Android Material Symbols we added a month or so back, but here is the link just in case:

Updates are coming, Brandon. I hope we have more to talk about soon :smile:

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@brendan That’s great news! No, I didn’t see those, but thanks for the link - I’ll download them right away! Any chance of a rough estimate of what “soon” means? :wink:

I also wanted to ask for any updates on this. Beeing able to mockup iOS design quickly after release would be a great enhancement.

Hi there,

Thank you both for your feedback and interest in this! We do not have any ETA to provide yet as we have a lot of exciting projects going on but make sure we’ll share some news as soon as we can! This is definitely on the roadmap, we will get there! :smile:

Hi, Is there an ETA yet on this?

Hey @Jim_Zucker,

Still can’t provide any fixed date for this yet but we will put an update here as soon as we release this!

Hi, any traction on this since last fall? What about iOS10? What and where is the latest library I can import for iOS currently?

Hey @SOV,

We are slowly integrating the new controls in Mockups 3 for Desktop. We should have some updated phones and Android/iOS controls soon.

We have some additional iOS controls on our Mockups to Go Community Site. While they haven’t been updated in a while, you may find something there useful to you. Here is how to get Mockups to Go controls into your projects.

If you find any updated controls elsewhere, please let us know. We’d love to get them into Mockups to Go!

Thanks for your patience with this.

Looks like the iOS7 toolkit is the latest up there as of July 2016, thanks.

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Just purchased but now have a tinge of regret as my mockups are dated looking… Might as well skip to ios 10 now.

Hi friends,

We just released our latest official version (3.5.1) that includes a new generic Smartphone control, a new iPhone 6, 7 option and more! :slight_smile:

The new version (3.5.1) is available here.
And the complete release notes are here if needed.

Great! Is there a way to import these new controls into MyBalsamiq?


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Hi @bcarlson,

While those are not available yet in myBalsamiq (they’ll be replaced by the previous iPhone control if you try to import them), they will be part of the huge update (going native) that we are preparing for our web version.

No ETA for this one yet but we hope to have a private beta ready this year! :slight_smile:

We’re here to help if you need anything else in the meantime.