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Import BMPR to myBalsamiq?


We did a collaboration with an outside design firm; at the conclusion of the project a BMPR file was one of the deliverables. We are looking to build upon that set of wireframes and want to work in myBalsamiq. I feel a touch dumb, but is there no way to import a BMPR file to myBalsamiq directly? (I see that it wants a .zip to import.)

I think I am a touch fuzzy on the relationship between desktop and myBalsamiq; what’s the future direction for these? Will both products remain around? Be on parity? Interoperate? (I have a vague feeling that desktop is v3 and myBalsamiq is v2 still?)

A procedure for getting this BMPR into myBalsamiq would be welcomed.


And yes, I have seen the following pages:
(Links to a non-existent article BTW.)

Does this mean that I need to install desktop and do the export myself and then live forever in myBalsamiq?


Hi @JohnVolkar,

The important thing here is that at present Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop and myBalsamiq use different file formats (BMPR for the desktop version and BMML for myBalsamiq).

For now, we are recommending that customers use either Mockups 3 on the desktop or myBalsamiq, not both together for the same project. Here is our FAQ about this topic:

As you mentioned, for importing a BMPR file to myBalsamiq you will need to do the following:

  • export the project to BMML’s zip from Mockups 3 for desktop (see below)
  • then import the zip file to myBalsamiq

This might be subject to change in the future as we are working on harmonizing our product to simplify your experience using them.

Happy Wireframing!



I have tried your instructions, but on myBalsamiq, the only option it allows for import of Mockup is to Paste data ( XML).
Exporting to XML from Balsamiq 3 desktop only gives the following options:
a) BMMLs zip
c) PDF (no good ofcourse)
d) Clipboard
e) PNG (no good ofcourse)

Now what ?

Export from balsamiq mockups 3 to mybalsamiq

Sorry for the confusion with this @davidj!

Once you exported a project to BMMLs zip from Mockups 3 for desktop, the upload in myBalsamiq needs to be done from the Home Page, as shown below:

The related article can be found here if needed.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re always happy to help however we can! :slightly_smiling: